Plastic Drums, Containers, Bottles, Caps & Sprayers

From simple wide mouth white poly jars to industrial spray bottles with advanced engineered trigger sprays we stock & source all kinds of containers for all manner of liquids, powders, pills, gums, greases, oils, additives, chemicals... you name it.

Regardless of whether you're into packaging for FMCG or something a little more industrial we have the experience to recommend the best fit container and closure for your needs.


Our vials, bottles, jars and jerrycans are available in standard colours off the shelf or we can arrange custom colouring for bulk orders.

At Global Packaging we're your single source supplier with the added service of custom printed labelling and cartons where required.

Call us for the best advice on economical supply of your container needs.

Drums and Accessories

When transporting and storing liquids choosing the right drum is incredibly important.

In business, the importance of process control, product integrity and staff safety can be paramount. A drum that stacks appropriately for your intended use, that is composed of a material suitable for the liquid it contains... and one that fits your workflow can make a world of difference.

At Global Packaging we have the experience and expertise to guide you though the latest innovations in drum engineering and decanting/pumping methods.

We also have a full range of the open top or closed top sizes, shapes and grades of poly to give you a choice of reliable products that can get the job done.

For the best advise on which drum suits you needs give us a call or drop in to see us - we've got the experience to recommend what will work best for you.


A comprehensive range including:

  • Plastic bottles & jars
  • Styrene clear vials eyedropper bottles
  • Spray bottles
  • Fuel additive bottles
  • Plastic jerrycans
  • Poison jerrycans
  • Poison bottles
  • Drink bottle caps
  • Child resistant caps
  • Tamper evident caps
  • Pump tops
  • Fine mist spray tops
  • Trigger tops
  • Flip tops
  • 10 ltr natural drums
  • 10 ltr white drums
  • 25 ltr green cube
  • 10 ltr natural jerrycan
  • 20 ltr natural jerrycan
  • 20 ltr cube w/sunken handle
  • 15 ltr natural cube
  • 20 ltr natural cube
  • 25 ltr natural cube
  • 60 ltr agri drum
  • 110 ltr agri drum
  • Natural and black drums
  • Bungs, taps, caps and more.