HB Fuller Adhesives - an International Standard

For 125 years HB Fuller have been a leading global adhesives manufacturer... and we are proud to represent their diverse range of packaging adhesives in Western Australia.

HB Fuller are at the forefront of innovation and diversity when it comes to packaging adhesives. With well over a century of research and field testing you can be assured their range is fit for industry with superior formulations that perform best in each specific application.

Obviously adhesive applications are as wide and varied as the many differing types of packaging being used today, from FMCG and food packaging to industrial, freight, agricultural and so much more.

Making sense of the huge variety of adhesives can be daunting for many - turn to our experienced team for the best advise on which adhesive will work for you.


One of the most innovative ranges on the planet:

  • General purpose sealing glue
  • Hot melt adhesive aggressive pressure sensitive adhesive
  • Removable and repositioning pressure sensitive adhesive
  • General purpose EVA
  • Water-based adhesive
  • Low viscosity general purpose EVA
  • Water-based adhesive
  • Very aggressive pressure sensitive adhesive
  • Re-moistenable hot melt adhesive
  • Hand-held glue machinery
  • Production line glue machinery, and more.


Case and Carton/End-of-line

Join manufacturers around the world who have discovered the proven advantages of HB Fuller's groundbreaking Advantra™ high performance hot melt case and carton/end-of-line adhesives—trouble-free bonding while using less adhesive. Achieve unmatched versatility and be confident that your packages will stay closed with our complete industrial adhesive product line across substrates and service temperatures.

Adhesives for case & carton/end-of-line: Agriculture Cases, Freezer Grade Case & Carton, Meat & Poultry Case, Refrigerator Case & Carton, Room Temperature/Pantry Case & Carton and Sift Proof Cartons.

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Flexible Packaging

The flexible packaging industry continues its rapid growth and rigorous requirements for innovation. From trials and demos on the new Nordmeccanica Super Combi 3000 full production-scale laminator to the full range of high performance adhesives, we have the solutions you need. The HB Fuller comprehensive line includes Flextra™ water-based adhesives, solvent-based and solventless adhesives for film, paper and foil laminating, primers and hot melt heat seal coating for lidding and over wrap applications.

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Container Labeling Adhesives

Give your film, paper, metallized paper and pressure sensitive label process a quality and efficiency boost with a broad product line that includes LiquiLoc® water-based adhesivesand Clarity™  hot melt adhesives. With the new container labeling adhesives for roll or magazine-fed applications, you can achieve a virtually invisible line on glass, metal, PET and other plastic containers.

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Packaging Opening Systems

HB Fuller's expanded portfolio of packaging opening systems provides an easy to use feature to effortlessly open boxes without the use of knives. Whether you need a retail ready shelf packaging solution or an easy opening system to access the contents of the package, we have a complete range of opening systems available. Learn about easy access and retail ready applications below or discuss your custom packaging needs with the team at Global Packaging today. 

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Packaging Containment and Reinforcement

HB Fuller's fully integrated packaging reinforcement and containment systems add strength to critical stress areas of packaging such as boxes, bins or trays . Reduce board weight and final package cost without sacrificing performance. Whether you packaging is corrugated trays, RSC boxes or folding cartons, we have a reinforcement solution to match your packaging containment needs.

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Packaging Handles and Hand Hole Reinforcement

Specialized tapes and reinforcement packaging solutions provide product and consumer handling protection by preventing handles and hand holds from tearing out. With reinforced handles, the sesame® tape and Enforcer™ solutions, allow a decrease in packaging material and operational cost per carton while maintaining or improving performance.

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